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The Equal Vote Conference

Saturday, October 4th
University of Oregon Law School

Election reform luminaries from around the country and around the state will gather to discuss how Oregon can lead the way in reforming election process, campaign finance and voter engagement. Presenters include:

Rob Richie, Executive Director, FairVote
Jackie Salit, President,
Aaron Hamlin, Executive Director, Center For Election Science
Clay Shentrup, Director, Center for Election Science
Jefferson Smith, Founder, Oregon Bus Project
Eric McGhee, Research Fellow, Public Policy Institute of California
Barbara Dudley, Portland State University and Policy Advisor, Working Families Party of Oregon
Steve Hughes, Executive Director, Working Families Party of Oregon
Tom Bowerman, Project Director, PolicyInteractive
Dan Meek, Founder, Independent Party of Oregon
Greg Leo, Executive Director, Oregon Republican Party
... and more...

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About the Equal Vote Coalition: We are a group of citizens and organizations committed to full voter equality in the voting franchise. We've got a broken election system. Inequalities in the weight of the vote itself lead to hyper partisanship and special interest manipulation. The test for equality of weight is balance, and both the spoiler effect and the exclusive nature of the primary election create votes that are impossible to balance.

Although California and Washington have solved the partisan exclusion inequality with their top two primary systems, they have actually magnified the "lesser evil" inequality posed by the spoiler effect, because they have continued the use of plurality voting in the first election stage. Plurality voting like all rank ordering systems, creates an inherently unbalanceable vote and like all rank ordering systems is provably "unfair."

Fortunately, rating systems exist that are actually equal- for every way you can rate a candidate, there always exists a counterbalancing, and therefore equalizing, rating. By calling for equality in both phases of the election process, passage of the Oregon Top Two will require the Legislature to implement such an equal system in the first phase. The Equal Vote Coalition exists to educate the electorate and our legislators about equality in the voting franchise: the simple test of balance and the systems that pass it.

Our goal: make the Equal Vote another significant Oregon first. Join us or Learn more.

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